No more men-to-men

megafonThe Internet of Everything promises enormous potential and a lot of us are excited. I believe it is needed to save the planet, to provide the safety and security we want and to bring the efficiency needed to afford healthcare and other important things across the globe. The Internet of Everything will touch all of us and our pets. It will be in our homes, offices and cars and more or less everywhere else. It is one of the things that can help make our common future bright.

But in order to ensure that the Internet of Everything is created in a positive and reasonable way we need a lot of people involved. And by excluding women already from start we are shooting ourselves in the foot. I have been joking for years that M2M means men-to-men, but we’re now beyond the point where I can joke about it anymore. The last M2M conference I attended had only men presenting and just 2-3 women in the audience, like most of the others I have been to.

In my closing remarks I underlined the seriousness of this issue and asked everyone in the room to immediately start hire and promote women in their organizations. I believe that is the only way we can fix this embarrassing problem – taking personal responsibility in order to collectively move our industry forward. If we don’t we will collectively prevent rapid and prosperous growth in the Internet of Everything.

I attended a tech meet-up on wearable computing in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Wearable computing is definitely technology which will become very important onwards, both for consumers but even more so in wellness/healthcare. We were almost 100 excited people in the room listening to an interesting presentation by Narrative. I had a great feeling of being at the right place with the coolest people on earth. The ones who will bring our next wave of innovation, export and wealth. Interestingly enough we were people from all over the world in the room and almost half of us were women! That’s the future of Internet of Everything!

Find some great women, hire them, promote them! Now!


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