Interesting reading

There is a lot to read about IoT/M2M and here are some selected articles that might be useful useful:

Here is an interview in TaskFarm where I share my views of security and privacy:

Bengt Nordström, CEO Northstream, on “the big numbers”:

Martin Whitlock’s post on after “M2M For Real™ 2013”:

ZDNet: Cisco survey hints many IT leaders also don’t understand ‘Internet of Things’

Read Mehmet’s great report from Mobile World Congress 2013:

Le Web 2012 in Paris is over. Focus was on Internet of Things. Read my friend Henrik’s excellent summary on his blog.

Last night Bengt Nordström, CEO Northstream Strategy and Sourcing, presented their “Predictions for 2013”

I have written a report published by Mind Commerce: M2M Business Strategy Planning.

Swedish M2M Services Enablers initiative:

Mobile Business Briefing: “Vodafone: operators must work with verticals to push M2M”

Fierce Wireless: M2M rises while tablets fall – Mobile World Congress 2012 Scorecard:

Northstream Strategy and Sourcing: “Predictions for 2012”

Forbes “Making the right connections: Putting M2M to work”

Laurie Lamberth, Executive Advisor at mSolve Partners: “Thinking Big about the Internet of Things”

“The M2M World of Connected Services” reference model from Beecham Research is well done, detailed and makes the point of a very fragmented M2M market.


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