All decision makers need to understand the basics of M2M or Internet of Things if you like, in order to understand what impact it might have on their industry and business. When we connected people and businesses to the Internet some 20 years ago the impact was immense and there are many signs indicating that the Internet of Things is about to happen now. There are a lot of similarities to when people and businesses were connected to the Internet but this time ignorance will not be a valid excuse when competitors bring innovative products, services or business models to the market.

I have written a guide for decision makers in any industry to rapidly get up to date when it comes to Internet of Things aka M2M:”What decision makers need to know about M2M aka the Internet of Things“. It doesn’t require any technical interest or expertise since it is focusing on operational and strategic issues.

I distribute the guide as a pdf-file and a single-user license is 150€ excluding VAT. Orders are made via email to where I kindly ask you to provide company, name, address, telephone and potential questions. If you want to use the guide in any other way (events, trainings, printed copies, multi-user licenses, etc) please send your proposals and questions to the same mail address. I will deliver the pfd-file together with an electronic invoice.

What decision makers need to know about M2M aka the Internet of Things – Teaser 130403


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