M&A activities are important when trying to figure out the timing of an emerging market. The Internet of Everything is in its teens and I will try to maintain a list of relevant M&A activities here to help understand the timing better. It will start with large international acquisitions and narrow in on local Swedish ones to help you see how the IoT market is maturing. The list will obviously not be complete but please let me know if I have missed any interesting M&A activities or if I got something wrong.

June 30 2016 Cyan acquires SMSE member Connode

June 17 2016 ABRY Partners acquires SMSE member AddSecure

April 12 2016 Energy giant Fortum acquires SMSE member Info24

March 22 2016 Cisco acquires Jasper Wireless 

May 2015 PTC acquires big data specialist ColdLight for approximately $105 million.

April 2015 Kapsch TrafficCom acquire controlling ownership of smart parking company Streetline.

December 2014 Sierra Wireless acquires Wireless Maingate for US 90M$ cash

November 2014 Kore Wireless Group acquires RacoWireless

October 2014 Google acquires smart home platform company Revolv

September 2014 Huawei acquires Weightless vendor Neul

July 2014 Samsung acquires SmartThings for $200 million dollar (est).

July 2014 PTC acquires Axeda for approximately $170 million in cash.

June 2014 Google aquires Dropcam for $555 million in cash.

March 2014 Intel acquires Basis for $100-150 million (est).

February 2014 Google acquires NEST for $3.2 billion.

December 2013 PTC acquires Thingworx for $112 million.

June 2013 Google acquires Waze for $966 million.

December 2011 Linear Technologies acquires sensor network pioneer Dust Networks


One Response to M&A

  1. Pierluigi Santoro says:

    I heard at LiveWorx event this week that PTC has acquired ColdLight (analytics)

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