The three M2M promises

I have never heard people asking for M2M but have talked to a lot of people about ways to solve problems in their operation by using an M2M solution. The way I look at it there are three key M2M promises we can make:Efficiency. As soon as we connect things together and add computing on top, we can collect, analyze and react very fast. Processes become quicker, problems are detected and solved faster, better control prevents fraud and mistakes and so on.

Sustainability. The desire to save the globe is well spread and most organizations and individuals try improve the way they do things to make their contribution or at least to look good. M2M solutions  are often part of attempts in this field and play key roles specifically in the Utilities and Transport industries.

Safety and Security. Connecting things and adding computing on top enables very efficient monitor and response systems. Today important assets like boarders and critical infrastructure are monitored by M2M systems using a range of different sensors, video surveillance equipment and other terminals to perform the task. Data is collected and analysis triggers the right response to each situation. In homes, offices and public areas we use similar but simpler solutions to protect people and assets.

Efficiency, Sustainability, Safety and Security go well together. When we solve a problem in one of these areas we often gain also in the others. In my experience it’s often a good approach to try identify important problems in any of these ares, prioritize them and start look at solutions using the connect and compute approach. Since we start from serious problems for the organization we are looking at and since we know that the three promises go well together, chances are good that we will deliver a solution which meets or exceeds expectations.

Needless to say efficiency can be translated into things like competitiveness, better margins lower cost and improved service which always are of interest in all organizations. This often makes it quite easy to put together tangible objectives for M2M projects, sell them to key decision makers and measure the results.


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